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UPDATED Friday Nov 19, 2010


You can use a SQL SELECT to aggregate data. Aggregation combines rows together and performs some operation on their combined values. Very common aggregations are COUNT, SUM, and AVG.

The simplest use of aggregations is to examine an entire table and pull out only the aggregations, with no other columns specified. Consider this SQL:

SELECT COUNT(*) as cnt
      ,SUM(sale_amount) as sumSales
      ,AVG(sale_amount) as avgSales
  FROM orders

If you have a very small sales order table, say about 7 rows, like this:

 1234 | 2007-11-01 | NY    |       10.00
 1235 | 2007-12-01 | TX    |       15.00
 1236 | 2008-01-01 | CA    |       20.00
 1237 | 2008-02-01 | TX    |       25.00
 1238 | 2008-03-01 | CA    |       30.00
 1237 | 2008-04-01 | NY    |       35.00
 1238 | 2008-05-01 | NY    |       40.00

Then the simple query above produces a one-row output:

  7  | 175  |  25

Some Notes on The Syntax

When we use COUNT(*) we always put the asterisk inside.

Note that the example names the output columns by saying "as sumSales" and "as avgSales". This is important because without it we will get whatever the database server decides to call it, which will vary from platform to platform, so it is a good idea to learn to use the "AS" clause.

The WHERE Clause Filters BEFORE the Aggregation

If you want to get just the sales from New York state, you can put a WHERE clause in:

SELECT COUNT(*) as cnt
      ,SUM(sale_amount) as sumSales
      ,AVG(sale_amount) as avgSales
  FROM orders
 WHERE state = 'NY'

...and you will get only the results for NY:

  3 |  85  |  28.33333

Notice of course that the average has a repeating decimal. Most databases have a ROUND function of some sort, so I can correct that with:

SELECT COUNT(*) as cnt
      ,SUM(sale_amount) as sum
      ,ROUND(AVG(sale_amount),2) as avg
  FROM orders
 WHERE state = 'NY'

...and get:

  3 |  85  |  28.33

The Fun Begins With GROUP BY

The query above is fine, but it would be very laborious if you had to issue the query (or write a program to do it) for every possible state. The answer is the GROUP BY clause. The GROUP BY clause causes aggregations to occur in groups (naturally) for the columns you name.

SELECT state,
      ,COUNT(*) as cnt
      ,SUM(sale_amount)          as sumSales
      ,ROUND(AVG(sale_amount),0) as avgSales
  FROM orders
 GROUP BY state

Which gives us this result:

NY    |  3  |  85  |  28
TX    |  2  |  40  |  20
CA    |  2  |  50  |  25  

Every Column a GROUP BY or Aggregate

When you use the GROUP BY column then every column in the output must either be a group by column or must be an aggregate function. To understand this, imagine we put "Date" into the query above:

SELECT state,
     , date -- huh?? which value should we get??
     , COUNT(*) as cnt
     , SUM(sale_amount)          as sumSales
     , ROUND(AVG(sale_amount),0) as avgSales
  FROM orders
 GROUP BY state

Several states have more than one row in the database, so the database server has to decide which value of DATE to give you. Since it cannot know which one you want, it throws an error and says in short, "don't confuse me!"

Two More Aggregations, MIN and MAX

If we think again about the DATE column, in most practical situations we usually want to know the smallest or largest value, or both, so this query is not uncommon:

SELECT state,
     , MIN(date)                 as minDate
     , MAX(date)                 as maxDate
     , COUNT(*)                  as cnt
     , SUM(sale_amount)          as sumSales
     , ROUND(AVG(sale_amount),0) as avgSales
  FROM orders
 GROUP BY state

which yields:

STATE | minDate    | maxDate    |CNT | SUM  | AVG
NY    | 2007-11-01 | 2008-05-01 | 3  |  85  |  28
TX    | 2007-12-01 | 2008-02-01 | 2  |  40  |  20
CA    | 2008-01-01 | 2008-03-01 | 2  |  50  |  25  

HAVING Clause is Like WHERE after GROUP BY

The HAVING clause lets us put a filter on the results after the aggregation has taken place. If your Sales Manager wants to know which states have an average sale amount of $25.00 or more, then the query would look like this:

SELECT state,
      ,COUNT(*) as cnt
      ,SUM(sale_amount)          as sumSales
      ,ROUND(AVG(sale_amount),0) as avgSales
  FROM orders
 GROUP BY state
HAVING AVG(sale_amount) >= 25

Which gives us this result, notice that Texas is now missing, as they were just not selling big enough orders (sorry 'bout that Rhonda).

NY    |  3  |  85  |  28
CA    |  2  |  50  |  25  

When to use WHERE, When to use HAVING

Then the Sales Manager might come down and say, 'I don't want the states who have no sales after December 2008'. We might automatically code the following, which is tragically wrong:

SELECT state,
     , MIN(date)                 as minDate
     , MAX(date)                 as maxDate
     , COUNT(*)                  as cnt
     , SUM(sale_amount)          as sumSales
     , ROUND(AVG(sale_amount),0) as avgSales
  FROM orders
 -- WRONG! Will filter out individual rows!
 WHERE date <= '2008-12-31'
 GROUP BY state

The problem here is that individual rows that happened after 2008-12-31 will get filtered out, which will give you all stats for all states on sales before 2009. That is not right. The idea is to completely eliminate all results for states with no sales in 2009 or later, even if they had sales before that time. So we use MAX and the HAVING clause:

SELECT state,
     , MIN(date)                 as minDate
     , MAX(date)                 as maxDate
     , COUNT(*)                  as cnt
     , SUM(sale_amount)          as sumSales
     , ROUND(AVG(sale_amount),0) as avgSales
  FROM orders
 GROUP BY state
HAVING MAX(date) >= '2008-12-31'

Using All Three

You can pull some pretty nice results out of a database in a single query if you know how to combine the WHERE, GROUP BY, and HAVING. If you have ever worked with a Sales Manager, you know they constantly want to know strange numbers, so let's say our Sales Manager says, "Can you tell me the average order size by state for all orders greater than 20? And don't bother with any average less 30.00" We say, "Sure, don't walk away, I'll print it out right now."

SELECT state
      ,SUM(sale_amount) as sum
      ,ROUND(AVG(sale_amount) as avg
  FROM orders
 WHERE sale_amount > 20
 GROUP BY state
HAVING avg(sale_amount) >= 30
   AND max(date) >= '2008-12-31'

How to Do a Weighted Average

Consider the case of a table that lists test, homework and quiz scores for the students in a certain course. Each particular score is worth a certain percentage of a student's grade, and the teacher wants the computer to calculate each student's file score. If the table looks like:

NIRGALAI    |     40 |    90
NIRGALAI    |     35 |    95
NIRGALAI    |     25 |    85
JBOONE      |     40 |    80
JBOONE      |     35 |    95
JBOONE      |     25 |    70
PCLAYBORNE  |     40 |    70
PCLAYBORNE  |     35 |    80
PCLAYBORNE  |     25 |    90

Then we can accomplish this in one pull like so:

SELECT student
      ,SUM(weight * score) / 100 as final
  FROM scores
 GROUP BY student

The nice thing about this query is that it works even if data is missing. If a student missed a test, they automatically get a zero averaged in.

Conclusion: Queries Are Where It's At

The only reason to put data into a database is to take it out again. The modern database has powerful strategies for ensuring the correctness of data going in (the primary key, foreign key and other constraints) and equally powerful tools for pulling the data back out.

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Anonymous said...

This is so timely. You saved me countless hours of work.

Well I would probably have found the solution somewhere else, but your page was high up in the google result list ("group by" avg), and your explanation is easy to understand even for somebody whose DB experience consists of a few attempts to use MS Access.

Many thanks.

KenDowns said...

anonymous: glad to hear it!

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to add values returned from a count function? My count function works properly, and I need to add the values resulting from the count function.

Can the sum function be used on a count function? - example sum(count(*)) - not sure of the actual syntax. Thanks in advance!

See below for code sample -

select unique brtm.BROKER_TEAM_NAME, shhd.FILE_NO,
(select count(shhd.BROKER_TEAM) from tpsdba.shipment_header shhd
where brtm.BROKER_TEAM = shhd.BROKER_TEAM
and (shhd.DATE_ENTRY >= '20080401' and shhd.DATE_ENTRY <= '20080404') )
as NumEntries,
(select Count(*) from tpsdba.ci_lines cidt
where cidt.FILE_NO=shhd.FILE_NO) As CINum
from tpsdba.broker_team brtm
inner join
tpsdba.shipment_header shhd
where brtm.BROKER_TEAM = 'KXH'
and (shhd.DATE_ENTRY >= '20080401' and shhd.DATE_ENTRY <= '20080404')

KenDowns said...

Rob: In principle yes, you can sum counts. Your example shows a sub-query, which I have not written up on this series yet, but in short you can do a count in a subquery and then SUM the results in the outer query. Your example would be easier to work with if you stripped out everything except the count/sum columns, so off the top of my head you might have something like:

SELECT sum(thecount) as sum
from (select count(*)
as theCnt
from subtable
) x

Anonymous said...

Ken....u kick ass!

Anonymous said...

help please is this possible the scenario is this....

say i have a table named employee with the ff values.

employeesal employee employeegroup
100 a AA
200 b AA
300 c AB
400 d AB
500 e AA

i need to count employee by employeegroup and after that when i count them i need each row of count of employeegroup divided by the sum of employeesal.

this is my query...

select employeegroup, count(employeegroup), employeesal/select count(employeegroup) ... as total

i cant seem to get it correctly the result of the toal is zero is there any work around query for this please email me thanks so much

Anonymous said...

Your explanations and examples are clear and straightforward - hard to find sometimes.

I ran into a weirdness (or maybe not) recently. A co-worker used GROUP BY...HAVING but reversed the lines, as in

SELECT col1, count(1)
FROM tab1
HAVING count(1) > 1

Strangely, it worked!

KenDowns said...

@anonymous: different servers enforce different rules for the ordering of the phrases. Back in foxpro you could mix them up any way you wanted.

Peggy said...

This is great information. Now what I don't understand is how to white the code/php that will display this information

jill said...

wish i had read tour post before my interview :( they asked me the exact same thing you put up and i ended up making a silly mistake!!! i cant believe i dint get to your site before! damn damn damn!

Anonymous said...

Awesome.. so helpful. Clear and concise

Fuad Daviratma Husni said...

thanks man.
I will have some examination tonight.

kontur said...

I am not entirely sure if this query will actually perform. You listed:

SELECT state
,SUM(sale_amount) as sum
,ROUND(AVG(sale_amount) as avg
FROM orders
WHERE sale_amount > 20
GROUP BY state
HAVING avg(sale_amount) >= 30
AND max(date) >= '2008-12-31'

Is there a ")" missing after ,ROUND(AVG(sale_amount) <-? Also, HAVING avg(sale_amount) >= 30 should probably be HAVING AVG(sale_amount) >= 30 or HAVING avg => 30, no?

Besides that, I really enjoyed reading your posts and straight forward explanations on this blog!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the explanations but I have a doubt in the following query ->

SELECT state,
, MIN(date) as minDate
, MAX(date) as maxDate
, COUNT(*) as cnt
, SUM(sale_amount) as sumSales
, ROUND(AVG(sale_amount),0) as avgSales
FROM orders
GROUP BY state
HAVING MAX(date) >= '2008-12-31';

In the above query, you said that we want to eliminate all states which have orders in 2009 or later, so shouldn't it be max(date)<='2008-12-31'; ??

Anonymous said...

great article, really easy to understand, two thumbs up :D

Edith Castro said...

I need help. I have some queries to do. Which categories have the longest and shortest average film lengths? I did the following queries:

--query to show the shortest avg(length)

select name, round(avg(length),2) "AVERAGE"
from film, film_category, category
where film.film_id = film_category.film_id
film_category.category_id = category.category_id
group by name
having round(avg(length),2) <= all (
select round(avg(length),2)
from film, film_category, category
where film.film_id = film_category.film_id
film_category.category_id = category.category_id
group by name)

--query to show the longest avg(length)
select name, round(avg(length),2) "AVERAGE"
from film, film_category, category
where film.film_id = film_category.film_id
film_category.category_id = category.category_id
group by name
having round(avg(length),2) >= all (
select round(avg(length),2)
from film, film_category, category
where film.film_id = film_category.film_id
film_category.category_id = category.category_id
group by name)

How can I join both queries to show the longest and shortest avg(length) at the same output?

Anonymous said...

How i can call specific value from a column between period /one column dates/ and sum values/other column/

Anonymous said...

SELECT `names`, `date`, SUM(`money`) FROM testimport WHERE `names` = 'namevariable' GROUP BY `names`
Is that correct for the above query?

Unknown said...

thanks all

Daphne's blog said...

I am trying to do a count on an aggregate, and I am not having any luck. How can I get a count for one column when specific criteria are met in other columns?

Here is what I have so far? but I need for the o3.hdid to count the number of times that occurs if the other criteria in the report are met:


FROM obs o



AND o2.HDID = 1000

AND o2.obsvalue > 30

INNER JOIN obs o3 ON p.PID = o3.PID

AND o3.HDID = 2000

WHERE o.HDID IN (3000, 4000)

AND o.obsdate between CURRENT_DATE-276 AND CURRENT_DATE + 365

Unknown said...

Many thanks for this simple explanation. I think I found a little missmatch in the way the names for the results are coded and the data output columns are named: You code "as sumSales" ehre the data output is named "SUM" which was a little confusing to me at first.



Unknown said...

I have this query ... which returns the perfect value

SELECT COUNT(*) as cnt
,SUM("KVA") as sumKVA
,AVG("KVA") as avgKVA
FROM public."Trial1" "1" where "ASSETID" = '50000153'

AND "READ_DATE"::text like '2015-06-01 %:%:%'


But now I want to get multiple results for different months but in single query and in single table

Unknown said...

I have this query in PostGreSQL ... which returns the perfect value

SELECT COUNT(*) as cnt
,SUM("KVA") as sumKVA
,AVG("KVA") as avgKVA
FROM public."Trial1" "1" where "ASSETID" = '50000153'

AND "READ_DATE"::text like '2015-06-01 %:%:%'

cnt sumkva avgkva
48 98527.9 2052.7


But now I want to get multiple results for different dates of the month (01, 02, 03 on) but in single query and in single table

Something like :--

cnt sumkva avgkva
48 98527.9 2052.7
48 ****** *****
47 &*&*&* ******

I am stuck with this could you please help me out. I have already tried Group BY feature for Date -- but since it contains time the query is returning the same value as in table.

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