Sunday, September 21, 2008

Topical Table of Contents

This posting is updated whenever a new post goes up.

There is a also a Skills-oriented Table Of Contents. It is not as complete as this list, which lists all posts, but it is more centered on links as they relate to skills.

If you want some free analysis, why not submit your schema to the Database Programmer? If you are willing to discuss your issues with a bit of public exposure, I will provide free analysis, and everybody can benefit!

User-Submitted Analysis Topic: Email

The Application Stack

Table Design Basics: Keys, Normalization, Denormalization

The first group of posts introduces the must-know terms and techniques for table design.

It might be a good idea to start with The Relational Model.

Following up on the normal forms are some basic discussions of normalization and denormalization.

Table Design Patterns

The second subseries details commonly occurring patterns in table design, how to recognize them and when to use them.

There is a complete List of Table Design Patterns. The rest of the entries are:

SQL SELECT and Queries

Algorithms and Processes

Server-Side Code


Development Cycle


Data Dictionary

Many of these posts are listed elsewhere in this table of contents, but I wanted to have them altogether in one place as well.



The Browser


zippy1981 said...

I await entries in the Philosophy and Dogma segment. I especially await the discussions in the comment section of that.

Unknown said...

I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the work that your doing here. Great Job, and keep it up!

KenDowns said...

ben a: Thanks much!

Anonymous said...

Just want to add a note of thanks for this series. Your series is quite interesting and information.

Michael, still a datbase newb after five years

KenDowns said...

Michael P, I'm glad you find it useful!

Angela said...

Does anyone know how to append a unique document to a record. For example, scanned letters attached to different individuals.

KenDowns said...

Angela: the big debate is whether you should store the document itself in a "blob" field or on the filesystem. I fall into the filesystem crowd myself.

Your question might mean two things: How to design the tables, or how to program file uploads. Which is it?

Vertigo1 said...

I think this blog is a testamant to your excellent knowledge, your good character to share such a practical, easy to understand recounts of your experiences. Excellent work and please keep it up!


Javy said...

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Therefore, there is a requirement to examine various function and checkpoints coding schemes. Having said that I hearby have some questions specifically for database programmers so I can gain an understanding of the coding schemes and connectivity rules for both stationary and mobile databases.

I would like to show the similarities and differences between stationary and mobile database designs, however, I do not know where to beging searching for these.

Here are my Proposed interview questions.

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3. What coding scheme have you used in designing your DB?

4. Did you use connectivity rules? If so what were they? And why did you choose these and how did you utilized them?

5. Were there any rules that you would recommend using that you did not include in your DB?

6. With respect to connectivity rules again did you have any problems as a result of inefficient connectivity?

I appreciate your assistance. If you think of other questions please let me know.

Javy Medina

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