Thursday, January 6, 2011

Can You Really Create A Business Logic Layer?

The past three posts of this little mini-series have gone from a Working definition of business logic to a Rigorous definition of business logic and on to some theorems about business logic. To wrap things up, I'd like to ask the question, is it possible to isolate business logic into a single tier?

Related Reading

There are plenty of opinions out there. For a pretty thorough explanation of how to put everything into the DBMS, check out Toon Koppelaar's description. Mr. Koppelaars has some good material, but you do need to read through his earlier posts to get the definitions of some of his terms. You can also follow his links through to some high quality discussions elsewhere.

Contrasting Mr. Koppelaar's opinion is a piece which does not have nearly the same impact, IMHO, because in Dude, Where's My Business Logic? we get some solid history mixed with normative assertions based on either anecdote or nothing at all. I'm a big believer in anecdote, but when I read a sentence that says, "The database should not have any knowledge of what a customer is, but only of the elements that are used to store a customer." then I figure I'm dealing with somebody who needs to see a bit more of the world.

Starting At the Top: The User Interface

First, let's review that our rigorous definition of business logic includes schema (types and constraints), derived values (timestamps, userstamps, calculations, histories), non-algorithmic compound operations (like batch billing) and algorithmic compound operations, those that require looping in their code. This encompasses everything we might do from the simplest passive things like a constraint that prevents discounts from being over 100% to the most complex hours-long business process, along with everything in between accounted for.

Now I want to start out by using that definition to see a little bit about what is going on in the User Interface. This is not the presentation layer as it is often called but the interaction layer and even the command layer.

Consider an admin interface to a database, where the user is entering or modifying prices for the price list. Now, if the user could enter "Kim Stanley Robinson" as the price, that would be kind of silly, so of course the numeric inputs only allow numeric values. Same goes for dates.

So the foundation of usability for a UI is at very least knowlege of and enforcement of types in the UI layer. Don't be scared off that I am claiming the UI is enforcing anything, we'll get to that a little lower down.

Now consider the case where the user is typing in a discount rate for this or that, and a discount is not allowed to be over 100%. The UI really ought to enforce this, otherwise the user's time is wasted when she enters an invalid value, finishes the entire form, and only then gets an error when she tries to save. In the database world we call this a constraint, so the UI needs to know about constraints to better serve the user.

Now this same user is typing a form where there is an entry for US State. The allowed values are in a table in the database, and it would be nice if the user had a drop-down list, and one that was auto-suggesting as the user typed. Of course the easiest way to do something like this is just make sure the UI form "knows" that this field is a foreign key to the STATES table, so it can generate the list using some generic library function that grabs a couple of columns out of the STATES table. Of course, this kind of lookup thing will be happening all over the place, so it would work well if the UI knew about and enforced foreign keys during entry.

And I suppose the user might at some point be entering a purchase order. The purchase order is automatically stamped with today's date. The user might see it, but not be able to change it, so now our UI knows about system-generated values.

Is this user allowed to delete a customer? If not, the button should either be grayed out or not be there at all. The UI needs to know about and enforce some security.

More About Knowing and Enforcing

So in fact the UI layer not only knows the logic but is enforcing it. It is enforcing it for two reasons, to improve the user experience with date pickers, lists, and so forth, and to prevent the user from entering invalid data and wasting round trips.

And yet, because we cannot trust what comes in to the web server over the wire, we have to enforce every single rule a second time when we commit the data.

You usually do not hear people say that the UI enforces business logic. They usually say the opposite. But the UI does enforce business logic. The problem is, everything the UI enforces has to be enforced again. That may be why we often overlook the fact that it is doing so.

The Application and The Database

Now let's go through the stuff the UI is enforcing, and see what happens in the application and the database.

With respect to type, a strongly typed language will throw an error if the type is wrong, and a weakly typed language is wise to put in a type check anyway. The the DBMS is going to only allow correctly typed values, so, including the UI, type is enforced three times.

With respect to lookups like US state, in a SQL database we always let the server do that with a foreign key, if we know what is good for us. That makes double enforcement for lookups.

So we can see where this is going. As we look at constraints and security and anything else that must be right, we find it will be enforced at least twice, and as much as three times.

You Cannot Isolate What Must be Duplicated

By defining First Order Business Logic, the simplest foundation layer, as including things like types and keys and constraints, we find that the enforcement of this First Order stuff is done 2 or 3 times, but never only once.

This more or less leaves in tatters the idea of a "Business Logic Layer" that is in any way capable of handling all business logic all by its lonesome. The UI layer is completely useless unless it is also enforcing as much logic as possible, and even when we leave the Database Server as the final enforcer of First Order Business Logic (types, constraints, keys), it is still often good engineering to do some checks to prevent expensive wasted trips to the server.

So we are wasting time if we sit around trying to figure out how to get the Business Logic "where it belongs", because it "belongs" in at least two places and sometimes three. Herding the cats into a single pen is a fool's errand, it is at once unnecessary, undesirable, and impossible.

Update: Regular reader Dean Thrasher of Infovark summarizes most of what I'm saying here using an apt industry standard term: Business Logic is a cross-cutting concern.

Some Real Questions

Only when we have smashed the concept that Business Logic can exist in serene isolation in its own layer can we start to ask the questions that would actually speed up development and make for better engineering.

Freed of the illusion of a separate layer, when we look at the higher Third and Fourth Order Business Logic, which always require coding, we can decide where they go based either on engineering or the availability of qualified programmers in particular technologies, but we should not make the mistake of believing they are going where they go because the gods would have it so.

But the real pressing question if we are seeking to create efficient manageable large systems is this: how we distribute the same business logic into 2 or 3 (or more) different places so that it is enforced consistently everywhere. Because a smaller code base is always easier to manage than a large one, and because configuration is always easier than coding, this comes down to meta-data, or if you prefer, a data dictionary. That's the trick that always worked for me.

Is This Only A Matter of Definitions?

Anybody who disagrees with the thesis here has only to say, "Ken, those things are not business logic just because you wrote a blog that says they are. In my world business logic is about code baby!" Well sure, have it your way. After all, the nice thing about definitions is that we can all pick the ones we like.

But these definitions, the theorems I derived on Tuesday, and the multiple-enforcement thesis presented here today should make sense to anbyody struggling with where to put the business logic. That struggle and its frustrations come from the mistake of imposing abstract conceptual responsibilities on each tier instead of using the tiers as each is able to get the job done. Databases are wonderful for type, entity integrity (uniqueness), referential integrity, ACID compliance, and many other things. Use them! Code is often better when the problem at hand cannot be solved with a combination of keys and constraints (Fourth Order Business Logic), but even that code can be put into the DB or in the application.

So beware of paradigms that assign responsibility without compromise to this or that tier. It cannot be done. Don't be afraid to use code for doing things that require structured imperative step-wise operations, and don't be afraid to use the database for what it is good for, and leave the arguments about "where everything belongs" to those with too much time on their hands.


Dean Thrasher said...

Great article, Ken.

I've been tripped up by "business logic consolidation" meme in numerous projects. It ranks a close second to "creating a security layer" in the annals of flawed systems thinking. Both business logic and security are cross-cutting concerns.

The software industry has slowly moved to a defense-in-depth approach to security, since imposing many security checks at various levels in the code creates a far more defensible system. Perhaps we will belatedly embrace the idea that knowledge and enforcement of business logic is the job of every component of a software application.

After all, you'd never want to say to a client, "we've consolidated all the business logic in this layer here, allowing the rest of the application to be as illogical as we want."

KenDowns said...


"we've consolidated all the business logic in this layer here, allowing the rest of the application to be as illogical as we want."

ROFLMAO. Had to take a break and get some coffee to calm down.

Also, I'm putting in a short update, check it out.

John Zabroski said...

I tend to refer to business logic as being a projection of requirements across the system. The important thing isn't that they are cross-cutting, but rather that they are defined in one place, so that we can have a single source of truth about the enterprise.

CONCORDIA Programming said...

Ken, you said perfectly: "the nice thing about definitions is that we can all pick the ones we like". But I have to say: "In my world business logic is about code baby!"
Nice post, thanks Ken

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