Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Code Today's Requirements Today

In Part 1 of this series, Do You Know What Day It Is? (written a mere 6 months ago, I really ought to update this blog more often), we looked at Ken's First Law of Architecture:

Today's Constant is Tomorrow's Variable

If you do not know this, there are two mistakes you can make.

Mistake 1: You Ain't Gonna Need It

Mistake 1 is creating a variable, option, switch, parameter, or other control for something which as far as we know for today is a constant.  You can avoid this principle if you remember that You Ain't Gonna Need It.

It is this simple: you can invent an infinite number of variables that the user may wish to control in the future, but the chance of guessing which ones they will actually want to control is near zero.  It is a total complete waste of time.

Let's take an example.  Imagine you are asked to do a task.  Any task.  It does not even have to be programming.  The task will be loaded with points where programmers invent decisions that nobody asked them to make.  For example, consider this blog post.

1) Should I have used a different background color up there in that green box?
2) Should I have used a sub-section heading by this point, maybe I should go back and do that?
3) Should this list be numbered or maybe just bullets instead?

Notice that this list is kind of arbitrary.  I did not think of it very hard, I just made up those questions.  Another person might have made up different questions.  The problem is that the list never ends.

This can never be eradicated, it is fundamental to the human condition.  Well meaning individuals will raise irrelevancies in an effort to be helpful and the rules of polite society work against weeding these out.  Committees will put two heads on a horse and you will end up with a bunch of YAGNI options.  But we can still fight against them.

Mistake 2: Constants in Code - Nobody Does That!

It is possible to go the other way, which is to embed constants into your code so that when you need to change them you find it is expensive, difficult and error prone.  Most of us learn not to do this so early that it seems unthinkable to us.  Why even write a blog post about it in 2013?

Well the very good reason to write about it is that we all still embed "constants in code" in ways that we never think about.

For example, if you are using a relational database, then the structure of your table is a "constant in code", it is something that is woven through every line.  Your code "knows" which tables are in there and what columns they have.  When you change the structure you are changing something very much "constant" in your system.   This is why it is so important to use a lot of library code that itself reads out of data dictionaries, so that you have removed this particular "constant in code."

The great problem here is that we cannot see the future, and you never think that a basic feature of your system is an embedded constant in code.  In a simpler period in my life a system lived on a server.  One server, that was it, who ever heard of a server farm?  That was a constant: number of servers=1, and all of my code assumed it would always be true.  I had to weed out that constant from my code.

Those who understand this basic inability to see the future are most at risk of slipping into over-generalization and generating YAGNI features.  It is an attempt to fight the very universe itself, and you cannot win.

Keep it Simple, Keep it Clean

In the end you can only write clean code, architect clean systems, follow the old knowledge and be the wise one who learns to expect the unexpected.


Danilo Piazzalunga said...

Very insightful, as always.

Geoff said...

Both lines of reasoning make sense, but don't they directly conflict with each other? Wouldn't YAGNI argue that if you don't need multiple servers today, you shouldn't code as if you do?

How do you decide when to apply one principle or the other?

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