About The Author

Kenneth Downs began tinkering with radios in childhood, and when pre-PC computers came out he worked at the local Radio Shack and soon had a TRS-80 (which he still has), which was a great machine because you could code Assembly and take a soldering iron to the main board to unlock features.

In the early 90's, while beginning a career in business application programming, he first began to focus on databases, due to their foundational role in the success or failure of the projects of that day and age.

Though he always thought of himself as an application developer, he finally accepted that everybody else thought of him as a database programmer, so he bowed to the inevitable and began calling himself a Database Programmer, and has since worked in many contexts, including business apps of many types, direct marketing databases, online systems, and most recently data warehouse development and harvesting.

Ken lives and works on Long Island, New York