Monday, December 17, 2007

Database Skills: Complete Contents

This posting is updated whenever a new post goes up.

There is a also a Skills-oriented Table Of Contents. It is not as complete as this list, which lists all posts, but it is more centered on links as they relate to skills.

If you want some free analysis, why not submit your schema to the Database Programmer? If you are willing to discuss your issues with a bit of public exposure, I will provide free analysis, and everybody can benefit!

User-Submitted Analysis Topic: Email

The Application Stack

Table Design Basics: Keys, Normalization, Denormalization

The first group of posts introduces the must-know terms and techniques for table design.

It might be a good idea to start with The Relational Model.

Following up on the normal forms are some basic discussions of normalization and denormalization.

Table Design Patterns

The second subseries details commonly occurring patterns in table design, how to recognize them and when to use them.

There is a complete List of Table Design Patterns. The rest of the entries are:

SQL SELECT and Queries

Algorithms and Processes

Server-Side Code


Development Cycle


Data Dictionary

Many of these posts are listed elsewhere in this table of contents, but I wanted to have them altogether in one place as well.



The Browser


Anonymous said...

I'm trying to keep up, I think your articles are great, they are helping me learn the big picture.

Do you have a zip file of your commands that I could do rather than the code being interspersed within the blog?

Maybe you could provide a link.


KenDowns said...

Anonymous: at present I have no combined code file because the examples are fairly independent. Each example is meant to teach only one topic, so they do not necessarily fit together as a whole. This is why a source file would not be useful.

mingodad said...

Yesterday I was looking at and today it's content changed drastically, it seems that the site was hacked !

Or have you changed it for some reason !

Thanks for your attention !

KenDowns said...

Mediator: thanks for the heads-up. The site was moved to a new server yesterday afternoon and the virtual host setting was fouled up. I went in and fixed it. Thanks again for letting me know.

mingodad said...

I've just installed Andromeda and all went well but now I have the login screen but the database is empty and there are no users on the database table users.

How it's supposed to start using Andromeda ?

Command line, inserting users through pgadmin3 ?

Also I've tryed send an email with this to but it's rejected, probably still a problem with the setup of your new hosting.

KenDowns said...

Mediador: I am glad you are trying out Andromeda, and I'd like to help. Community support is available on the sourceforge mailing lists at

Generally I look at stuff there in the afternoon (US Eastern Time).

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